Jarhead is a newborn fashion line that takes all of the good from the past and reinterprets it with a contemporary twist. Jarhead takes vintage materials and designs and evolves them into new creative ideas.

Massimo is the inspiration that gave birth to Jarhead. His daughter Federica helped him to make his dream come true.

Massimo: an architect, a creative, a Peter Pan at heart. Federica: a psychologist, a consultant, an idealist. Jarhead is the willingness to innovate without taking ourselves too seriously.

But before innovating you should master design. Jarhead is born from a history dedicated to embroidery and tailoring since 1926, in a laboratory which is an example of the made-in-Italy heritage.

Massimo leads the third generation, the third chapter of this skilful and wise Italian craftsmanship.

In this laboratory there aren’t just clothes, embroiderers and filaments. From now on stories will enter and will be embroidered by experts hands on Jarhead’s collections.

® JARHEAD • P.IVA IT03328000165

Jarhead is a registered trademark by Confezioni e Ricami Snc