Jarhead is a newborn fashion line that takes all of the good from the past and reinterprets it with a contemporary twist. Jarhead takes vintage materials and designs and evolves them into new creative ideas.

What is the future of Jarhead?

Jarhead is a living character who adapts himself to the situations he faces day to day. By scrolling through these pages you will discover what he creates in order to always be himself in every situation, without modifying his lifestyle. To adapt, means to present ourselves as we truly are without making any compromises. The world around us should accept who we are and not the other way around. If you agree with this, you will find the link between our collections and the reason we give you the possibility to personalize clothing depending on your desires, on the ‘Jarhead’ that belongs to your heart.



Jarhead Original Collection, both in the flat and in the embroidered models, is available in two versions: light, which is colder, and thick, which is warmer. Inspired by the design of the bulletproof jackets, Jarhead’s Original collection has three main characteristics:

A fabric with a story to tell. Jarhead’s Original Collection is tailored with the second hand fabric parachutes used by NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). Parachutes have an intense but short life. After being used for a specific amount of hours, they are discarded. We have been searching for a fabric with a soul: imagine what this parachute has seen.

An embroidered story. Each jacket is quilted with Jarhead’s initials, JH, and embroidered in our laboratory in a small town in the northern of Italy close to Bergamo.

The signs of its soul. Every jacket has a unique colour based on which parachute it comes from.


Pin-up’s embroideries are inspired by the humour of the United States Air force from the 40s thanks to the reinterpretation by the graphic designer Chuck Bauman. There are Double Trouble, Surprise Attack, Lucious Lace, Diamond Lil and Dream Girl. Which one is your favourite?

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To be continued… with Jarhead’s next creations

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